May 21, 2019

This blog has been inactive for quite a long time now. I have no immediate plans to start it up again, but please feel free to poke around the many posts already here, and perhaps you will find something that interests you.

Meanwhile, I continue to pursue the interests that prodded me to start this blog in the first place, first by writing my novels, and secondly, by writing a monthly newsletter for subscribers and maintaining a Facebook author page. As of this writing, neither of the latter two are active yet, but they will be soon, and I will update this page accordingly when they are.

As for the novels, my debut novel A Thing Done is temporarily out of print, but a new edition will be coming out before the end of the year. My second novel, Lady of the Seven Suns, will be published in September. Again, once these books are published I will update this page with the appropriate links.

Thank you for your interest!